For general info and measurements, download this PDF:  ScenTeknisk_Info_BS

It’s in Swedish, but it’s simple – you’ll understand. 🙂

And here is a sketch of the second floor in jpg format

And the first floor in PDF-format

Note in the first sketches that we have two backdrops with which we can change the stage depth.

Note also that the auditorium is not strictly frontal.
When a frontal perspective is of importance we solve this by putting a part of the audience on the floor and blocking parts of the original seating system.
If you can bare the smaller measurements of the stage you can also choose to play facing only a part of our seating system.

Measurements Seating system. (pdf-file)

Another peculiarity you’d better observe is that using low sidelights can be tricky in an arena like this. Just as you need to consider the sound PA-direction if you change place of the audience.

The circular part of the stage can be covered with black dance mat.

Our two larger ladders.

We also have a third small ladder for use on the upper floor.

två stegar för olika ändamål
Vi har en stege på hjul och en så kallad A-stege för att komma åt ovanför läktarna där det inte går att rulla. På entresolplan finns också en mindre arbetsplattform för att från det övre våningsplanet nå strålkastare mm.