Light sources

Some lamps.

You can see how many and where they are in:
The standard lightplot


18 pcs of: Par64 1 kW cp62








12 pcs of: ETC s4 Jr. zoom

ETC S4 jr. 575W
ETC S4 jr. 575W


7 pcs of: Fresnels and PCs of various quality… All at 1 kW.

Apart from these regular incandescent lamps controlled with regular DMX-dimmers we have also  18 pcs of RGBW zoom led washes for basic lighting. Type: ARCLED 7513QZOOM. These are used as downlights/backlights all over the stage area.



And 2 pcs of: FlatPar Tri18


Flat Par tri 18 LED.
Flat Par tri 18 LED.

The houselights are 10 small RGBW LEDs from ADJ. controlled from our computer or your own brought along lighting-consol.


the houselights can alternately be 10 Par36 lightbulbs controlled from a special wallpanel in the controlbooth and from upstage left outside stage in an exit/entrance.